Opens 3 November 2011
Horror Theme and Disturbing Scenes
Genre Horror
Duration 78 mins
LanguageMandarin with English & Chinese Subtitles
Director Gilbert Chan
Cast Mark Lee 李国煌, Henley Hii 许亮宇, Josh Lai 赖力豪, Tedd Chan 曾國琿, Stella Chung 钟晓玉
The Story
2359 is a horror thriller set in 1983 on an island used for military training.

A rumour had been circulating like wild fire amongst the soldiers. A mad woman living on the island had died at the exact hour of 23:59, and it is believed that her spirit had returned to haunt the soldiers at the exact same time.

One of the recruits, Tan, the introverted platoon outcast, is adamant that he will be the next victim of the mad woman's spirit.

He tries to convince his buddy Jeremy that the woman's spirit has been visiting him every night. Jeremy laughs it off and claims that there are no such things as ghosts in this world. They only exist because of Tan's overactive imagination.

However, during the 24 km road march for the platoon in the forest, Tan was found dead by the river, with his limbs contorted in a strange way and an expression of deep fear on his face.

Overwhelmed with guilt, Jeremy decides to investigate Tan's death, convinced that it was not an accident as what the military officers believe.

Little does he know that the truth behind Tan's death will unearth a terrible dark secret of the island and he will have to confront his deepest fears in order to find the truth.
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By Ivan
2 Nov 2011
23:59 represents the typical timing where army boys have to book into camp by. It marks the end of a day and in director Gilbert Chan's mind, it is also the time of death of a mad woman that used to live on Pulau Tekong.

The context and setting of this horror film means that it will surely appeal to boys who are going to enlist into the army for basic military training, soldiers who are currently serving their national service and men who have already served their time. However, the plot of this movie is not the famous third door and disembowelment story that continues to circulate till this day.

It is 1983 and a rumour is spreading among the recruits that the spirit of a mad woman will return to claim her victims. One of the platoon's most timid recruit Tan (Tedd Chan) believes that he is next on the list. He sounds out his fear to his buddy Jeremy (Henley Hii) but he brushes it off. Meanwhile, Tan becomes the bullying target for Dragon (Lawrence Koh). As expected, an incident will confirm Tan's fears while leaving the rest of the platoon gripped in fear. Jeremy who does not believe in the supernatural decides to investigate, unravelling the mystery behind the hauntings.

While there are some mild scares along the way, the performance of the young cast is not convincing enough to attain their full potential. The suspenseful build-ups by virtue of the setting and camera shots are great but fail to achieve the intended climax. Playing the role of platoon sergeant to the recruits, Mark Lee churns up some laughs by his use of Singlish. But sadly, he only has a cameo role as this movie is billed as a horror film rather than a 'hor-medy'.

While I believe that this film will do well at the local box office, many may exit the theatre with looks of disappointment.

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10 Oct
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